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Advisors of Horizon are Registered Representatives of Cetera Advisors a broker/dealer and Registered Investment Adviser.

Oct 31, 2019

This episode of The Confident Advisor Practice Podcast with Bill Bush and Chad Soileau of the Horizon Financial Group covers about how to build better clients by investing in continual learning.


Episode Highlights:


  • 1:09 - Chad talks about when he was a junior advisor, and he watched the film GlenGarry Glen Ross
  • 2:00 - Chad says the blog is about being a better student at your profession, and getting better at what you are doing, so you’ll close more business.
  • 2:32 - Where do you start on the concept of ‘Always be learning?’
  • 3:24 - Designations and industry standard learning as an educational component to the career- CRPS, CPFA
  • 4:25 - How people put value on seeking out a specialist
  • 4:42 - How Chad goes to peer group events and networking to upskill and learn
  • 6:52 - Windshield opportunities - podcasts are a great way to broaden your knowledge
  • 8:47 - Chad discusses coaching services to increase knowledge and expand their business
  • 10:47 - Mentoring or being mentored?
  • 11:58 - Bill shares his story of mentoring
  • 13:30 - What about resources, and how they support learning?
  • 15:50 - What would you like to share as final points, and your quote from the blog?



3 Key Points:

  • Don’t just be a student of your industry, broaden your horizons
  • Consistently attend events for a year round educational opportunity
  • Learning will take you further than anything else in your business


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “ABC - Always be closing. You should always be looking for the opportunity to close business - you should always be pressing, to some extent” - Chad Soileau.
  • “To find those better clients, and to really be better at what you do, you should always be learning” - Chad Soileau.
  • “Don’t just listen to industry type podcasts - generalise. If you’re going into a client meeting and all you’re talking about is X’s and O’s, it’s going to get boring.” - Bill Bush
  • “Go back and reflect. Take notes. Go back and look at it consciously. Try adding something new in - it’s one of the better ways to find new clients and close new business” - Chad Soileau.
  • “Better clients demand more, pay more, and make it easier for you to level up. Better clients challenge you to dig deeper and do what you’re capable of. You don’t do better by working more hours - you can’t work more hours. You do better by finding better clients” - Seth Godin



Resources Mentioned: