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Oct 22, 2018

During this installment of The Confident Advisor Practice from the Horizon Advisor Network, hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, Advisors at the Horizon Financial Group, discuss how to manage your business smartly with Jeff Litteken and Geoff Lamoine from Remotelink Solutions. Remotelink Solutions offers a versatile service to help supplement and complement your business. They take the administrative tasks off your plate so that you can focus on what matters: your clients. A Cetera-certified company, Remotelink is the perfect solution to augment your business and do what you love again.


Show Notes:


  • 00:47---Introduction of the Jeff Litteken and Geoff Lemoine from RemoteLink Solutions.
  • 00:52---RemoteLink Solutions is a key operation solution for solo advisors who need some leverage.
  • 1:00--- RemoteLink Solutions provide support to companies in a variety of tasks.
  • 1:40---Employees are the most important asset of a company.
  • 2:00---We look at taking the less important activities off of the advisors plate so the advisor can get in front of the client--the most important part.
  • 2:30--- RemoteLink solutions can take care of investing, compliance, administrative functions, meeting preparations, money movement, and finance.
  • 3:22---RemoteLink gets into the details and ¨weeds¨ so that the advisor can provide support to clients.
  • 6:00---Streamlining operations and allowing advisors to manage the details not only allows them to do the work that matters but also engage their clients fully.
  • 7:40---The service helps both established and growing practices
  • 8:00---RemoteLink Solutions can come into your business and fill in the gaps.
  • 9:20---Optimizing businesses through unique ability teamwork such as remote solutions
  • 11:20---There is opportunity lost by training new employees
  • 12:30---RemoteLink Solution takes care of the training costs and time for you.
  • 13:31---The Cetera connection and advisor advantage allows Remotelink solutions to be audited just as your business is. Their systems are encrypted and their solutions meet industry standards.
  • 17:00---The RemoteLink Model ensures the business succeeds with their services and doesn't lose growth.
  • 18:00--Time is invaluable. Any service that can give people time back is valuable.
  • 19:20---You can start small and as you build confidence with the solution, you can grow from there.
  • 19:40---We want to manage the business and not have the business manage us.
  • 21:30---The RemoteLink team allows the business to be more proactive than reactive.




3 Key Points:

  1. Leverage your business and revert to focusing on the things that matter by using Remotelink Solutions.
  2. Being a financial advisor is a small part of the job. There are many other administrative, compliance, and financial tasks to complete. Remotelink Solutions supplements and complements growing as well as established businesses.
  3. Get the help you need for the time you need by contacting Remotelink Solutions .


Tweetable Quotes:

-       “We can help you with three things: Anything you don't want to do, anything you don't know how to do, and anything you don't get paid to do .” –Geoff Lemoine.

-       “Our offering is attractive to any practice out there.” –Jeff Littekin.

-       “If you are able to put together in the right combination, the right skills and capabilities then magic starts to happen.” –Pete Bush.



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